Thursday, December 9, 2010

That's what you get when you let your heart win

She lives in a fairytale somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell of the world that she left behind
She's ripping wings off of butterflies

This isn't what you wanted
I'm always wrong but you're never right
It's not a dream anymore

Well no sir now I don't wanna be the blame not anymore
It's your turn so take a sit we're settling the final score
And why do we lie to hurt so much?
And why all the possibilities I was wrong?

I know you don't believe me but the world see it
Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back of break it off
Next time you point you finger I'll point you to the mirror

You treat me just like another stranger
It's nice to meet you sir
We'll I guess I'll go
I best be on my way out
Ignorance is your new best friend

We tried so hard to understand but we can't
We held the world out in our hands and you ran away
It takes some time to let you go and it shows
Cause all we know is falling it falls
Remember how cause I know that we won't forget at all

And the worse part is before it gets any better we're headed for a cliff
And in the free fall I will realize that I'm better off when I hit the bottom

If it's not real you can't hold it in your hand
You can't feel it with your heart and I won't believe it
But if it's true you can see it with you eyes even in the dark
And that's where I want to be

If you wanna play it like a game well come on let's play
Cause I'd rather waste my life pretending
Than have to forget you for a whole minute

And when it rains
You always find an escape just running away from everything
You made yourself a bed at the bottom of the blackest hole
And convince yourself that it's not the reason you don't see the sun anymore

You look like I did you resist me just like this
You can't tell me to heal it hurts remembering how it felt to shut down

Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never last
We've got to find other ways to make it alone to keep our straight face
And I've always lived like this keep it at a comfortable distance
And up until now I swore to myself that I'm contented with loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk

I am told that this is life
Pain is just a simple compromise so we can get what we want out of it
You can't turn back because this road is all you'll ever have
Paramore . 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

So much to say so little time, long time no see and got jitters all the time.

Hey there.

I used to feel so gloomy everytime this person came across my mind and I would listen to The Fray - How To Save A Life and press the repeat button on the playlist and sing "Where did I go wrong I lost a friend somewhere along the bitterness and I would have stayed up with you all night had I known how to save a life." 

It was very frustrating to be in that position when the one you trust the most pushed you away.

But then there's something in me that made me make up my mind and decide to see the person.

And these are what happens when you meet the person after a bloody hell one & a half year of not talking because of some undiscovered stupid conflicts.

1. Act like you know nothing about the person's current life when the truth is you do the stalking to keep yourself updated and bookmark all the articles related to him.
2. Very nervous while you're on the way to meet the person until you'll get lost.
3. Have jitters all the time.
4. You'll ask for Coffee when what you really want is Cappuccino.
5. Super awkward, you'll sip the bitter coffee and laugh at yourself and you will talk less.
6. As you talk, the person will stare at you and you can see a pair of shiny eyes.

7. Will be less annoying than you supposed to be and have a fucking weird feelings but you'll love it.
8. Have loads and loads of things to share but just don't know where to start.
9. And at the end of the day you'll realize that you really miss the person despite of everything that happened before. 
I think I look cute in this picture haha

10. You will wish to see the person again and that's why you send looooong texts to the person just to make yourself calm so that you can sleep.

Additional stupid behaviour: Because of the eagerness to post this, you'll get confused on which of the tenses that you should use so you decide to just write and ignore all of it and write like a total stupid, plus you forgot to tag the photos with your name like you always did on the photos that was published on your blog before.

Okay, bye!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

You can only do better when you know better

Halo halo halo kopi ka milo?
Ka mau teh ais?

Heyya hello everyone
Buat apa itu?
Sudah makan dan minum kah?
Harap harap anda semua berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera

2 weeks of holiday
I become my own maid in my house
Yes, cooked for lunch
Prepare the dinner
Do the dishes

I wanna work, but I have to baby sit my sister
Since there's no one at home
I can't leave her alone
I guess no work for me this holiday

Since I did nothing for the past 2 weeks
I have nothing much to post

Oh I remember
During Karisma, I went out with few friends

I went out 2 times
I went out with Syida, Ilham and Azhari
We went to Jusco Bukit Raja and Pak Li
Few photos as they stopped by at my house

And I went out with Nissa and Anne
I met Faiz, Syida and Ilham
And we watched Azhari played soccer

Okay now lepas put up all the photos dah tak tau what to write
So that's all I think

Looking forward to meet Muhamad Syafiq Abd Raub 
and Suharshafika Tuban (Mak I miss you!)
Haritu dah buat perangai kirim gambar kat abang suruh hantar kat tempat kerja Bud, I put a note behind the picture mcm org nak mengorat tu, haha and it works! He called me back. :)

Okay loves, toodles!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends are like blood, you don't see them that often but they always comes out when your wounded

Hello there the angels from my nightmares,

I read posts about the-over-and-done exams all around, so I decided to post something along the line too. Well yes, the final exam is over and done but the heartache lives on inside *sings emotion by DC a bit* until the result is out. I just can't wait for the results. I always have the thoughts of why don't we sit for the exam today and the results will be out tomorrow. Sounds easy right? Okay no, there are piles of answer scripts that the markers have to mark, they're not robot to finish marking asap right? Lol. Or, can I mark my own papers please? Haha, Lol again. All papers were fine this time around, except the last paper which is Finance 327, due to my carelessness, I use the wrong formula to answer a chain question. Okay, I didn't use the wrong formula, it's just that I am not sure whether I have to divide the answer after getting the product or not. I knew how to answer it correctly you know! Because of my tiredness and laziness, I just calculate the products and did not divide the answer *I was so confused and tired back then*. Later, I check back the formula, sigh I was right that I was wrong. So there goes my EIGHT marks. Still it's okay, I hope I will get to achieve my target this time.

Anyway, I manage to meet 2 of my best buds in Kuantan together with my brother and also her 'girl' (haha). Abang knows why I laugh after mentioning his girl. (Need to apologize to Cik Farah Najihah, I didn't get a chance to call you as I was in a rush that night, BB rosak *cracked screen* pakai hp china ni macam babs so dah lambat jadi number pon ke laut). Watched movies after months of not stepping my feet to the cinema ; Takers that made my heart melt and made me fall in love with Chris Brown, and I then I feel like munching Fariz as he really looks a lot like CB. Damn you haha! Had man to man talk with Fariz as well, very refreshing because we've been looking up for it for a long time.

During the period of before the last two calculation papers until the end of exam, I'd been through a lot, just like (heaven), not. Thank God I'm still lucky to have my lovelies (to lazy to mention names, guess you know who you are), those who made my dark days seems brighter. Thanks for the ears, the willingness to entertain and to pamper me and for the hospitality as well. Oh and for the foods, the drinks, plants vs zombies game, and the ice-creams that makes me really happy after all. I'm missing you guys a lot now, sobs. :')

Still, I would take this chance to seek for forgiveness from everyone that I accidentally hurt due to my unpredictable behavior. Yes, this is me, I may be very close to you, but once I'm hurt, I tend to step away as far as I could from you. I'll be okay again when it's time to be okay.

Enough of exams and schools, I'm officially on holiday now. Safely arrived in Bukit Jelutong last night after 4 hours playing Bonny and Clyde with Ainaa darling. Right darling? The ride supposed to be only 3 hours but due to our hmm our lack of concentration on the road I could say, it ends up being a 4 hours ride. Alhamdulillah we are home now. Feel free to ring me up or text me so that we can go anywhere especially Red Box to KARAOKE. If I have the time and the kemampuan, heheh. Btw don't forget to tell me who you are because no names are stored in my china phone. -___-"

Lastly, this Tuesday me and my family will be off to Perak until Friday to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha. 
Eid Mubarak, Happy Aidiladha to everyone. Night and morning loves.

"Sacrifice a bit, so we can get the best out of it." - adzrndzrh
(dedicated to friends especially those who are celebrating raya di perantauan without their families.)


Friday, November 12, 2010

Can you lift me up and turn the ashes into flames

Hello there. Silent night here, not much of the usual night, where we will stay up all night long to study and laugh. Tired of last night I guess. We slept at 630am and woke up at 730am and have to sit for our paper at 9am. Last minute study is paradise. Been doing it through out all the life. 

One more paper to go, finance again and again. Next semester will be my final semester, and it's gonna the semester that will torture me most. 5 finance subject for next semester. Hope I can go through it well. As for this semester, I put on a target to achieve 3.7 pointer at least. That is in order to raise back my cgpa. I really wanna have UK to be the place where I'm gonna get my degree. Please God help me, open a path for me please.

I have issues, with friends and house mates. Dear house mates, if you guys read this, yes I have a problem with you. Living in the house, everything should be easy, but we're going through it as hard as it could be. Okay maybe not you guys, but I am. I just hate back stabbers, 2 faces, and so on. Oh come on, we all are grown up right? You don't have to talk bad about someone on his back. Come and face em, have a man to man talk. That's easy. And stop blaming others for God sake. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You don't have to pretend that you're taking consideration of all the people, but the truth is you're not. You're such a coward. I'm sorry for writing this here. If you read and you don't agree, it's up to you. If you don't feel like talking to me anymore, I don't mind because I don't feel like talking to you too. You said you care about everyone eh? Do you really care about what's happening to me? You don't, and don't pretend you care. Not even once. I choose to back off. You don't have to say good things to me, you don't have to treat me good as well. I just don't need that. I'm not gonna explain even a bit. And looking back at everything, we just can't pin point anyone of us for their wrong doings. Don't act as if you are forever and all the time the right one. You did the same thing too. It's just that when you feel uncomfortable with the situation, you start to blame others and not yourself. That easy? The only thing that makes us this way it THE FACT THAT WE ARE NOT TOLERATING WITH ONE ANOTHER, fullstop.

Lucky me I still have those who turns me down less, they are my shoulders to cry on, endless thanks to you lovelies :')

Long enough for me to blab about something that makes me unhappy, I wish I could go through the remaining days as peaceful as it could be, and then off for holidays to refresh and rejuvenate.
Lots of love :)

Darling, wait until Sunday and we're off to home 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life isn't to be cried but, to be fought for

Oh Mummy,

But you say we don’t mess around
You've got no freedom to come down
We don't take angels from the sky
You're meant to be among the clouds
Cause you're an angel
But that's a lie

I'm not your angel darling
I'll never gonna be

But so many people are looking to me
To be strong and to fight
But I'm just surviving
And I may be weak but I'm not defeated
And I'll keep believing in clouds with that sweet silver lining

For all the things we did wrong, we need to apologize, 
For all the things we did that hurts someone, we need to apologize, 
For all the things we did without our concern of it, we need to apologize, 
For all the bad things we did to our own self, sit back and relax,

And for all the things that we should do but we did not, 
We should take the books and start reading now.

It's final examination now, 
Why waste time?
Why procrastinate?
Don't chase them, chase your bright future.
Best of luck.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love Story meets Viva La Vida

You need to have a sit down with your ego

You're the only one who could make me feel super duper happy
You're the one who could make me extremely sad and depressed
You're the last one that I reach for advise
But the last one is always the right one
I am the one who could turn you on
I am also the one who makes you mad as hell
We used to go together looking after each other
And till then I just died in your eyes


You never know what you have until you lose it

Where's the pain when you walk out the door
It doesn't hurt like it used to before
Where's the love that we couldn't ignore
It doesn't kick like a pill anymore
Where's the thrill at the end of our fights
Where's the heat when we turn off the lights

There’s a dark cloud pulling me in
That’s the girl I was breathing in sin
There’s a blind force letting it win
And it’s longing to tear us apart
I get high when you’re making me weak
Let me down till I crawl on my knees

I wanna crush in your arms at the other side of the world
I wanna die for you cause love is only true if it hurts

I just miss all the mess that we made
When we still have the passion to hate

I miss missing you sometimes
I miss hurting you till you cry
I miss watching you as you try
Try not to end up in tears begging to get back together
I just want you to be stuck in a second forever
So don't freak out and believe
So don’t freak out if I leave

Friday, October 15, 2010

Because I rather hurt than feel nothing at all

We're just two bunches of stupid

If only I could scream my lungs out
Why do we say stupid things?

I stayed up all night long
Sing when I feel like crying
Cried with all my heart

said I wouldn't call but I loss all control

And that's why I need you, yesterday
Well, yes now again

But don't you worry there my honey
I wouldn't call

Thank you anyway for your sweet thoughts
Go on, live you life.

P/S: If you are reading, what's the band name that you asked me to download the album again? I can't remember so I can't download it. Would be glad if you could just drop the name here, Thanks.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Didn't wanna face the truth, didn't wanna cross that line, until I saw you at the corner of my eye

Say hello to darlings :)

Hello, welcome to Segamat Johor as well, and assignments, and quizzes, and presentations, and tests, and stresses, and depressions, and also frustrations. LOL.
It's been 2 days here, oh no I wanna go home because my study mode is like no where to be found. Yay me! I can't answer my Finance Quiz this morning. That is sooo ridiculous because the question were easy but the fact that I didn't study AT ALL makes it hard as it can be.

Ahhaaa, our journey to the west this time were a bit challenging. The car we rode broke down somewhere near Nilai exit. Okay, not really broke down but there were smokes coming out from the back of the car (macam dalam filem tau) and we were panic. No, Ainaa was panic. Syida was sleeping while listening to her ipod happily at that time -_-".
Luckily there was a guy, a mechanic to be exact, who happened to pass by our car at the highway, stopped and offer some help. It took us about 2 hours to settle everything as we have to take the car to the workshop, wait for the keys and also the repairman to beautify the flaws of the car and to continue our journey back to Johor. It was fun though! But I never want it to happen again, please God.
 The Dolce&Gabbana
Fendi&Madonna enjoying cup corns
And another story,

Since SECRET RECIPE is now officially open in Segamat, finally. This little Madonna was really excited as she could be because according to her, "Of couse I'm excited, SECRET RECIPE in SEGAMAT weh!". Pity this little girl who fell off and got bruises near her ankle. This one is for you darling,
I guess that is all for today, my partner in crime didn't wanna wake up to finish our homework, so I guess I just have to finish it on my own. Booorrinnnggg.

Later, Loves.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finally made it through the lonely to the other side

Lemang, ketupat, rendang, kuih raya, and everything nice, mixed in a pot named perut. Make sure it won't explode. Think before you eat. Selamat Hari Raya :)

Hello there, whatcha doin?
How's raya treating you?
Mine, As good as how rendang and ketupat tastes like. ^-^

And I miss this sweet cute baby girl already :')

So, how's your raya?

Monday, September 6, 2010

In a town that’s cold and gray, we will have a sunny day.


Don't let your past hold your future hostage. 
Live out of your imagination, not your memory.

A successful relationship is the union of two good forgivers.

I become more by facing my fears, I meet challenge with excitement.

When you surrender your will to Love's will, 
Love will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.

The most inspired & fruitful work is done to give and add value 
not with expectation of reward.

The outcome of stepping outside your comfort zone is joy.

The past has no place in the present unless you invite it in.

When you realize that you are already worthy, you can stop chasing, start being and let it find you in good time.

Don't worry about if it's perfect, worry if u never start. 
You can get better along the way, but only if you start now.

If you're looking for the love of your life, try looking in the mirror.

Usually the worst things that have happened to you are the best things that could happen for you. See the big picture.

Sometimes there's going to be opposition around what's yours.

There is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect woman. 
There is only perfect for each other.

Love doesn't rush. Let Love in.

I'm learning you. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ever ever after, it may only be one wish away

And no one knows why I'm into you
Cause you'll never know what it's like to walk in our shoes

And no one knows the things we've been through
Can never measure up to half of what I put you through

That's why we'll breakthrough

You are everything in my life, see the joy you bring
And ain't no one I compare you to

And I know that you'll never walk away from me no matter what
And that's why I plan to do the same thing for you

And I want you to know

And I don't care what they say
I'm gonna be with you
And I don't care what they do
I'm gonna be with you

 -Be With You

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You think you know, but you have no idea

Hello, it's been a while. :)

I'm tired because of clearing the bushes in front if this blog just now, haha.

So, where do I start? I have a lot to tell, and I can't make a long story short. Any idea?

Wey, tiba tiba tak ada air pulak kat rumah aku  ni! Potong betul lah. -_-"
Macam mana nak mandi esok ni? Haih stress stress.

I guess I have to take a bath at Mcd tomorrow. Pfffftt. I'm sure I'm gonna be effing late to class too.

Hmm, I lose words, I need to stop.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I think you're doing fine,have a good one after a year!

Hey you!
Happy 1st year break up anniversary!
Oh, and Happy 9th month anniversary to you and her.
Hope you guys are doing fine. ^^

Haha I know it sounds stupid, but we should celebrate it.
It's been a year, never thought that I could make it this far, but I did!
I'm halfway in getting over everything.
I didn't cry for you often anymore.
Okay wait,
I seldom cry for you now,
No no wait,
The last time I cried was umm because
You just popped out of my mind out of the blue
And I saw you on FB and I quite miss you at that time and that was like what?
Once in a few months back.

Hey, you should be glad right?
I hope you're happy for me.
And I hope you're doing fine out there.

Because I think I am . . .
Oh and I think I have someone who cares and to be cared about

So take care dear you.
We'll see each other when the time comes
One day :)

So what’s the plan now?
Are we or won’t we?
So what’s the deal now?
Should we or shouldn’t we?
You’ve taking over my head again
I’m folding each memory in
Asking permission to keep it in your

When will you love again
Empty is what you are
Without the nice things you had before

So what was it to you
Were we or weren’t we?
Did it come back for you?
Now there you finally see
It’s already been gone too long
I shouldn’t have pick up the phone
I’m asking permission to pretend
That we’ve moved on

Is what you’ll find in here
Is you’ll see
I'm out of things to offer you
Concert lights and shiny eyes
Tiny fights and biggest lies

So what am I to you?
Was I or wasn't I?
So what you said was true?
Did you or didn't you?
You're taking over my head again
Unfolding each memory
And asking permission to
Keep in your head

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yuna Decorate - 23rd July 2010

Tengah hari Jumaat lebih kurang jam 12 belas setengah lebih sikit sebelum pukul 1 tengah hari kami bertolak keluar dari rumah di Segamat Johor, dah halfway perjalanan nak pergi campus to pick up orang aku tersedar yag handphone ku tertinggal di rumah. Hehehe, patah balik lah jawabnya. Terima kasih kepada Encik driver yang berbaju melayu pink kerana sudi mematahkan semula perjalanan seraya balik semua ke rumah. Selepas singgah di campus, singgah di German-tah pula. Eh, silap Jementah. Budak budak yang duduk Jementah tak payah nak rasa macam kat German sangat lah! Hantar driver di rumah dia lalu perjalanan pulang ke Shah Alam di ketuai oleh orang lain pula. Keadaan kereta dan cuaca sangat teruk dan saya memang seperti cacing yang kepanasan lemak lemak habis terbakar kerana suhu di dalam dan luar kereta amat panas tidak dapat nak dinafikan lagi Malaysia ni memang panas lah! Akhirnya jam 5 petang kami selamat tiba di rumah. Alhamdulillah.

Selepas itu pada malam harinya, I mean, before maghrib, aku dan Aween berusaha cari jalan on how to get to KLPAC because I was entitled to get a free ticket for Yuna's Decorate Album Launching and Aween dgn excitednya mahu pergi bersama sama. Oh anyway, Ticket tu dapat because I won the 5th place for the Gadis Semasa Contest. Thanks a bunch for those who liked mine. Yuna said that picture of me and Aween is her favourite! Woohooooo. :D Tak menang first place pon tak pelah.

Oh sambung cerita, around 8 baru kami berdua gerak form our home. Aween from Cheras and saya from Shah Alam. Lembab gila keluar rumah padahal by 830 dah kena collect tickets dah hehe. Nasib baik text Wawa, Yuna's Manager and dia kata it's okay to be late. Setelah berlari lari dan bernervous akhirnya kami tiba juga di KLPAC. Masa redeem the tickets I was a bit excited, when I was about to naik tangga nak pergi pentas 1 Wawa called me and bagi Album for free! Awwww masa tu excited lebih sikit terus lari lari naik tangga. Nak jerit segan sebab sunyi je. The show dah start dah pun when we arrived. Yuna was singing and kitorang cari seat terus duduk diam. Diam macam kayu. Amused with her voice. She's just awesome! Tak rugi lah bersusah payah balik dari Johor terus berkejar kejar pergi cari KLPAC kat ceruk dunia tu!

After Yuna tamat, kawan kawan saya tanpa saya minta datang pick up and bawak pergi NZ tunggu abang saya di situ. Dia kepenatan oleh sebab itu tak mampu nak cari KLPAC di mana. Kawan kawan, saya sayang kamu semua, just because I love you and I can't explain why. Haha love you boys tak kira lah girlfriends korang jealous ke apa. Haha thank you. :')


My journey back home macam disaster. I was really tired, sleeping all the way and terjaga 2 3 kali just to check how abang's is doing and going, takut dia tertidur while driving habislah. And when we reached home, I naik bilik terus, buka jacket and pants then tertidur atas lantai until 4am. Haha sumpah penat gila, lepas tu baru bangun balik, wash up and tidur elok elok atas katil. 

After all, last night was really awesome!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm not happy, yes I am not happy, today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, no, I am not happy

Apa entah masalah aku semester ni? Naik semester dah bergaduh dengan kau tak ada motif. Sampai semua orang tau. Lepas tu bila dah baik pun, aku rasa macam tak baik jugak. Aku dah jadi tak faham, aku dah naik meluat dah ni. Aku meluat dengan perasaan sendiri, aku meluat dengan kau, aku meluat dengan semua benda. Aku paling benci bila aku terfikir semua ni. Rasa macam nak tampar kau je pun ada. Aku rasa kau dengan aku lain. Mungkin sebab masing masing dah duduk jauh, dah tak boleh jumpa selalu. Kau pun nampak sangat dah macam tak ada time untuk aku. Tadi bila aku kata kau macam dah tak nak layan aku sangat, kau jawab takkan 24 jam jumpa aku asyik nak kena cakap dengan aku. Haruslah kau cakap dengan aku kalau jumpa 24 jam. Yang ye nya jumpa 2 jam pun kau kejap layan kejap tak. Kau juga yang cakap haritu kau dengan aku dah tak macam dulu. Kau yang cakap macam ada ruang. Ruang apa? Ruang udara? Atau mungkin kau kata ada ruang tapi kau dah siap isi dah ruang tu semula dengan makhluk lain? Maafkan aku sebab aku terpaksa menulis kat sini. Aku nak bercerita dengan kawan kawan aku tentang kau dengan aku pun aku dah penat. Dan kadang kala aku rasa macam tak perlu dan tak patut pun. Aku nak berhenti fikir lagi sebab perkara ni tak akan selesai pun. Kita dah takkan jadi macam dahulu kala lagi dah lah. Percaya cakap aku, kalau aku sahaja yang fikir jalan penyelesaian padahal dalam masa yang sama aku suruh kau cerita apa masalah kau pun kau tak nak tak akan jadi apalah jawabnya. Sekarang apa yang aku boleh buat ialah cuba kawal diri dan perasaan sendiri, buat macam tak ada apa apa jadi. Aku makan hati sorang sorang ni kau sikit pun tak pernah heran. Kan? Bosan. Bila aku cakap kau membosankan sekarang, kau suruh aku pergi dekat kawan kita lagi sorang. Okay, aku pergi, tapi aku tak pergi kat sesiapa pun. Aku pergi kat Miss Intan! Haha. Okay serious balik, aku letih lah. Memang patut pun haritu kan aku tanya boleh ke kalau aku tak nak kawan dengan kau lagi. Apa yang aku maksudkan aku nak kawan dengan kau macam biasa sama macam dengan orang lain. Aku tak payah nak ambil kesah pasal studies kau atau apa apa lah. Masalah kau, kau boleh share dengan orang lain ke? Atau kau boleh suruh orang lain buka student portal kau? And kau boleh suruh orang lain tengok kan subjects kau? Dan kau juga boleh suruh orang lain paksa kau pergi jumpa lecturer serta orang HEA semua. Mungkin boleh kan? Sebab sekarang aku rasa kita dah one step closer untuk jadi lebih jauh. I like. Kau pun ada tanya kau jahat sangat ke sampai aku tak nak kawan lagi? Mungkin aku dah boleh jawab ya sekarang? Mungkin.

Teruskanlah, I can't feel the same about you anymore.

I'll never love again, oh friend you've left me speechless

After all the things that we've been through would you give it all up?

Hi all.
It's me again, I know it's been a while since I last update this.
Busy and tired, as always.

My first line of this post, is for em.
My errr, should I say a close friend?

The staring of this semester wasn't good, wasn't fun.
Gives me heartache instead.

Only God knows whatever is happening in this world.
All of the sudden we were like not talking to each other.

Arguing about stupid matters.
Not looking at each other.

Luckily it all ends.
Because there's no point on have so much cat fights.

Am I right?
I know I am.

Please be good.
No more not talking period dear S.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I didn't know that my photo is one of the top 10 photos until yesterday. I was a bit shocked but glad at the same time. I had totally forgotten about this contest that I entered a month ago during semester break. Do help me to increase the number of people who like the photo. 

It's time to sleep now. Will update about my new life in Johor later! 
Night, Loves. :)