Saturday, December 4, 2010

So much to say so little time, long time no see and got jitters all the time.

Hey there.

I used to feel so gloomy everytime this person came across my mind and I would listen to The Fray - How To Save A Life and press the repeat button on the playlist and sing "Where did I go wrong I lost a friend somewhere along the bitterness and I would have stayed up with you all night had I known how to save a life." 

It was very frustrating to be in that position when the one you trust the most pushed you away.

But then there's something in me that made me make up my mind and decide to see the person.

And these are what happens when you meet the person after a bloody hell one & a half year of not talking because of some undiscovered stupid conflicts.

1. Act like you know nothing about the person's current life when the truth is you do the stalking to keep yourself updated and bookmark all the articles related to him.
2. Very nervous while you're on the way to meet the person until you'll get lost.
3. Have jitters all the time.
4. You'll ask for Coffee when what you really want is Cappuccino.
5. Super awkward, you'll sip the bitter coffee and laugh at yourself and you will talk less.
6. As you talk, the person will stare at you and you can see a pair of shiny eyes.

7. Will be less annoying than you supposed to be and have a fucking weird feelings but you'll love it.
8. Have loads and loads of things to share but just don't know where to start.
9. And at the end of the day you'll realize that you really miss the person despite of everything that happened before. 
I think I look cute in this picture haha

10. You will wish to see the person again and that's why you send looooong texts to the person just to make yourself calm so that you can sleep.

Additional stupid behaviour: Because of the eagerness to post this, you'll get confused on which of the tenses that you should use so you decide to just write and ignore all of it and write like a total stupid, plus you forgot to tag the photos with your name like you always did on the photos that was published on your blog before.

Okay, bye!


hani idzaida said...

eeeeeee sukenye post ni !
esp "As you talk, the person will stare at you and you can see a pair of shiny eyes." plus smiles that we supposed to hide, simply cant, instead , we put it on all time talking with the person . :)

jujufarhana said...

lama gila juga tak jumpa ini orang..orang yang bercerita dan juga diceritakan.. :)

::ayn:: said...

Betul tu hani. Mula mula I was a kerek, tapi bila dah depan mata senyuuum je. :)

Hee najwa farhana, tak jumpa tapi tak gaduh tak pe hehe. Bila nak jumpa bgtau laaaaaaah! Mari!