Sunday, November 28, 2010

You can only do better when you know better

Halo halo halo kopi ka milo?
Ka mau teh ais?

Heyya hello everyone
Buat apa itu?
Sudah makan dan minum kah?
Harap harap anda semua berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera

2 weeks of holiday
I become my own maid in my house
Yes, cooked for lunch
Prepare the dinner
Do the dishes

I wanna work, but I have to baby sit my sister
Since there's no one at home
I can't leave her alone
I guess no work for me this holiday

Since I did nothing for the past 2 weeks
I have nothing much to post

Oh I remember
During Karisma, I went out with few friends

I went out 2 times
I went out with Syida, Ilham and Azhari
We went to Jusco Bukit Raja and Pak Li
Few photos as they stopped by at my house

And I went out with Nissa and Anne
I met Faiz, Syida and Ilham
And we watched Azhari played soccer

Okay now lepas put up all the photos dah tak tau what to write
So that's all I think

Looking forward to meet Muhamad Syafiq Abd Raub 
and Suharshafika Tuban (Mak I miss you!)
Haritu dah buat perangai kirim gambar kat abang suruh hantar kat tempat kerja Bud, I put a note behind the picture mcm org nak mengorat tu, haha and it works! He called me back. :)

Okay loves, toodles!

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