Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends are like blood, you don't see them that often but they always comes out when your wounded

Hello there the angels from my nightmares,

I read posts about the-over-and-done exams all around, so I decided to post something along the line too. Well yes, the final exam is over and done but the heartache lives on inside *sings emotion by DC a bit* until the result is out. I just can't wait for the results. I always have the thoughts of why don't we sit for the exam today and the results will be out tomorrow. Sounds easy right? Okay no, there are piles of answer scripts that the markers have to mark, they're not robot to finish marking asap right? Lol. Or, can I mark my own papers please? Haha, Lol again. All papers were fine this time around, except the last paper which is Finance 327, due to my carelessness, I use the wrong formula to answer a chain question. Okay, I didn't use the wrong formula, it's just that I am not sure whether I have to divide the answer after getting the product or not. I knew how to answer it correctly you know! Because of my tiredness and laziness, I just calculate the products and did not divide the answer *I was so confused and tired back then*. Later, I check back the formula, sigh I was right that I was wrong. So there goes my EIGHT marks. Still it's okay, I hope I will get to achieve my target this time.

Anyway, I manage to meet 2 of my best buds in Kuantan together with my brother and also her 'girl' (haha). Abang knows why I laugh after mentioning his girl. (Need to apologize to Cik Farah Najihah, I didn't get a chance to call you as I was in a rush that night, BB rosak *cracked screen* pakai hp china ni macam babs so dah lambat jadi number pon ke laut). Watched movies after months of not stepping my feet to the cinema ; Takers that made my heart melt and made me fall in love with Chris Brown, and I then I feel like munching Fariz as he really looks a lot like CB. Damn you haha! Had man to man talk with Fariz as well, very refreshing because we've been looking up for it for a long time.

During the period of before the last two calculation papers until the end of exam, I'd been through a lot, just like (heaven), not. Thank God I'm still lucky to have my lovelies (to lazy to mention names, guess you know who you are), those who made my dark days seems brighter. Thanks for the ears, the willingness to entertain and to pamper me and for the hospitality as well. Oh and for the foods, the drinks, plants vs zombies game, and the ice-creams that makes me really happy after all. I'm missing you guys a lot now, sobs. :')

Still, I would take this chance to seek for forgiveness from everyone that I accidentally hurt due to my unpredictable behavior. Yes, this is me, I may be very close to you, but once I'm hurt, I tend to step away as far as I could from you. I'll be okay again when it's time to be okay.

Enough of exams and schools, I'm officially on holiday now. Safely arrived in Bukit Jelutong last night after 4 hours playing Bonny and Clyde with Ainaa darling. Right darling? The ride supposed to be only 3 hours but due to our hmm our lack of concentration on the road I could say, it ends up being a 4 hours ride. Alhamdulillah we are home now. Feel free to ring me up or text me so that we can go anywhere especially Red Box to KARAOKE. If I have the time and the kemampuan, heheh. Btw don't forget to tell me who you are because no names are stored in my china phone. -___-"

Lastly, this Tuesday me and my family will be off to Perak until Friday to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha. 
Eid Mubarak, Happy Aidiladha to everyone. Night and morning loves.

"Sacrifice a bit, so we can get the best out of it." - adzrndzrh
(dedicated to friends especially those who are celebrating raya di perantauan without their families.)



jujufarhana said...

saya cuti jugaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! :p

::ayn:: said...

Darling, nak book awak on next monday boleh tak? :D

Anonymous said...

woit..ske pic yg first tu :P

kecik said...

where's me ? sobs sobs

::ayn:: said...

Haha lazy to mention names darling, and gambar ka? Teeet hehe