Sunday, October 17, 2010

You never know what you have until you lose it

Where's the pain when you walk out the door
It doesn't hurt like it used to before
Where's the love that we couldn't ignore
It doesn't kick like a pill anymore
Where's the thrill at the end of our fights
Where's the heat when we turn off the lights

There’s a dark cloud pulling me in
That’s the girl I was breathing in sin
There’s a blind force letting it win
And it’s longing to tear us apart
I get high when you’re making me weak
Let me down till I crawl on my knees

I wanna crush in your arms at the other side of the world
I wanna die for you cause love is only true if it hurts

I just miss all the mess that we made
When we still have the passion to hate

I miss missing you sometimes
I miss hurting you till you cry
I miss watching you as you try
Try not to end up in tears begging to get back together
I just want you to be stuck in a second forever
So don't freak out and believe
So don’t freak out if I leave

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