Friday, December 25, 2009

When you were here, I had no idea and now it's so clear

The heart is stronger than you think
It's like it can go through anything
And even when you think it can't
It finds a way to still push on


Sometimes you want to run away
Ain't got the patience for the pain
And if you don't believe it look into
Your heart the beat goes on

It's like we all have better days
Problems getting all up in your face
Just because you go through it
Don't mean it got to take control no

You ain't gotta find no hiding place
Because the heart can beat the hate
Don't wanna let your mind keep playing you
And saying you can't go on

I'm telling you that
Things get better
Through whatever
If you fall
Dust it off
Don't let up
Don't you know you can go be your own miracle ?

You need to know
It's the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up

Who are we to be questioning wondering what is what ?
Don't give up through it all just stand up

You don't gotta be a prisoner in your mind
You can live your life let your heart be your guide

And you will know that you're good if you trust in the good
Light up the dark if you follow your heart

And it will get better
Through whatever

You got in you, find it within now
Through it all just stand up !

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, hold me close sway me more


For the rare and unexpected friends
Best thing I never knew I needed .

Monday, December 21, 2009

While I recall all the words you spoke to me, can't help but wish that I was there back where I'd love to be

Well, hello everyone . Been not updating for almost 2 weeks , I'm sorry because I was quite busy and then I fell sick and then I just don't feel like blogging but yeah whatever, I am here now . 

Anyone familiar with the title ? Dear God from A7X . Brings back memories tho . I opened a friend's blog and suddenly heard this song, he put up the VC there and now I keep on repeating it . Sad, and all of the sudden I realize that I am missing the old times . The time when he went to PLKN and we were crazy over this song . Ok stop, that's not what I wanted to think now but thing is, he called just now . 

I was quite surprised because my phone rang ; I heard Sejauh Mungkin from Ungu . I assigned that ringtone to Medan's house number like 2 years ago . I picked up and we talked . Nothing much , I think we might be missing each other but who am I to tell . We used to be together everyday everynight for 4 years and were apart now, we barely talk to each other . Almost all conversation made were to blame one another and just to show the hatred . Or maybe I'm wrong, I never hate but what about him ? After all the words that came out of the mouth, I am hurt . But again, knowing him for years, it's something that I can say I'm used to . Doesn't matter, but there's one word, still lingering in my head because it wasn't something that I expected he would say to me . 

But then
Don't feel guilty
Just forget it

I AM OKAY, for whatever happen as I said to you .

My only fear now is I might not be strong enough and I will fall again, and fall for you . It is not easy to hold back, eventhough you know that you're strong enough . Sokay, I will always be strong . No worries . It's normal that you'll be reminising the fond memories once in a while . It's okay to think about evertyhing all over again once in a while . It's common when you get off the track once in a while . But after that 'once in a while' , get back to where you should be . 

Bye bye , Loves . 


Some search, never finding a way
Before long, they waste away
I found you, something told me to stay
I gave in, to selfish ways
And how I miss someone to hold when our hope begins to fade

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find . 

(This is for you, yes you. )

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some people fight some people fall, others pretend they don't care at all

Yellow :) Okay I'm sleepy tapi I have to post something jugak if not I can't sleep . So today what happened ? Don Hazim buat tahi pagi pagi hari, I call and text dia tak pick up so I sent Seri to uitm then I text dia lagi I said tak jd pegi ke? Then only dia reply and he just woke up ! Hehs , nak tak nak I lah pegi his house . And then tunggu kat dalam kereta almost 30 mins sampai I tertidur my head kat luar the window haha . Sedar bila Don dtg ketuk kereta and gelak gelak . Masa dia drive dia jahat gilaaaaaaa, I tengah tunduk and then dia saje je brake so that my head will hit the dashboard . Bongok ! Sakit lah gila, dah lah pagi tu I termakan kereta, nasib my teeth tak patah .

That's all yang I nak cerita today yang lain semua mcm biasa je . Oh heh, this one is about my sheep named Shaun, yesterday dia text I ;

I terbukak ur old blog td, then u direct pg nu one. Awh im so happy fr u, terharu haha u go baby !

Thank you Shaunieeeee, we're moving on kan kan kan ? And memang lah I just suka because you teman I menyingle haha ! Padan muka you . . Oh anyway, I like The Walk yang you asked me to listen tu jugak . Very inspiring^^ Thankieeeeee ;)

Bye bye, Loves .

Everyone waits on a walk
Some are long and some small
But all of them tall
And everyone must make a choice
Will I go for it all, and possibly fall
The tightrope is thin
I could possibly win on the walk

Well high on the walk
The tightrope it bends
And nobody knows where it ends
To win or to lose you're all on your own
'Cause everyone must be alone

On the tightrope everything's bare
All that there is from here to there
On the tightrope the goal is quite clear
Don't lose yourself in your fear

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My yesterdays are all boxed up and neatly put away but, every now and then you come to mind

I just woke up, and yes the title shows that something is bugging me but just let it be . I was and I am sooo tired that makes me slept early today and woke up now and still sleepy .

I went to Putrajaya this morning, eh silap pagi semalam lah . Dah la I slept at 4 am and then woke up at 7 am mandi siap siap and then drove to section 18 pegi rumah Don Hazim (he should just pick me up at home!) And then tinggal kereta at his house, he drove to Putrajaya . I pegi tolong Don kat his cookie shop, I buat muffins and cookies semua . I lap tingkap and all the habuks sebab dia sgt pemalas ! Tingkap tu samar samar je nampak org kat luar haha . Nasib baik I rajin .

Tapi I was sooooooooooo sleepy sambil lap lap pon mata nak tertutup . Don sangat tahi sebab dia boleh pulak bantai tidur, I pulak siapkan bertray tray cookies . Anyway, I jadi cookie monster today because I siap bake a whole lot of cookies then letak dalam cookie jar :) 

Balik tadi I sangat blur sampai pusing jalan yg sama banyak kali and the baru jumpa exit, sampai rumah I makan nasi, masuk bilik online and the last thing I remember was I tertidur sambil scroll names nak bg gift to them kat farmville haha ! And then I pon terus lah tidur maybe around 9 pm or earlier than that I am not sure . Tidur pon pakai towel je sebab I wanted to mandi lah jog lah ape lah tadi kononyaaaa . .

After this I nak pergi mandi and then nak sambung online and then nak tidur and today I dah paksa Don Hazim to pick me up if not pergi lah kau Putrajaya sorang sorang ! (Tapi kalau nak tidur balik je without mandi boleh tak ? ) 

Dah lah dah lah, I'm off . Eh jap lupa pulak . .

Bye bye, Loves ! :D


I wanna be faithful but I can't keep my hands off
the cookie jar ^^

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hush, don't speak a word about the dreams that I live for

Hello there, I am talking and laughing with Suhar now so I'm just gonna have a short update today  . Anyway, I'm home :) I'm on my bed nowww ! And I'm not in the mood to tell what I did today . So till then I guess, catch you later !

Bye bye, Loves .

Kak, cukup BESAR takk ?? LOVE YOU !

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maybe two is better than one ?

Heyya ! Oh whats with my title today ? Almost everybody knows the song 'Two is better than one' kan ? Okay what I meant here is NOT having a partner is better than being alone but, having TWO girlfriends/boyfriends is better than having only one of em haha ! ^.^ 

So, yesterday I slept around 4 in the morning and woke up around 12 noon . Nothing much I did during the day except online and went to JJ Bukit Raja with Bhei Boy and Kak Fiza to buy the movie tickets . Around 8 pm or something I tak perasan sgt the time, I drove to JJ Bukit Raja to watch the movie lah . 940 pm New Moon, yeah like whatever je . All of the sudden I teringat I watch Twilight masa we (me,Ridhwan,Alia,Aidil) went out for our so-called double date on 29th November last year . Fuyoo, I remember the date ! (I mmg senang igt date anyway) Bittersweet memories eh ? Hehs . I taknak review pape pon about the movie because I malas and I know semua org dah watch it kannn ?

After movie around 12 something ada la incident yang berlaku, my sister ngn my cousin lah macam-macam sgt . I pon malas nak layan so I called Bud and I jalan cari kereta but boleh pulak lupa letak kat mana haha . Bud ckp papa mama dia flight delay (parents dia pon pegi haji too) and maybe sampai around 7 am . I said I nak ikot to pick them up (mengada) so if Bud rajin dia dtg lah pick me up them pegi airport hehehe .

Actually before pegi movie tadi I was kinda depressed because Mummy Seri kata esok kena pergi cheras and I don't want to . Memang lah for a day je on Sunday balik Shah Alam balik but I don't know, I just don't feel like it but I diam je . Then I texted Abang, luckily dia ckp tak boleh because he needs the car (happy) . Mak Nee also called and asked nak tak if dia dtg and masak so I said nakkkkkkkk ! (double happy) I told Mummy Seri about Abang and Mak Nee and the best part was Mummy Seri said ok ! :) So yeah, balik and I'm Happy ! Awak, sibuk sgt suruh saya duduk sini sampai Rabu kan ? Saya dpt balik harini tauuu ! ! 

Ok now I dah have no idea dah what to write and tonight sangat bosan tau because Knights 0307 semua pegi main futsal and I'm stucked at home and takde orang onlineeeeeeee ! ;( Balik lah cepat kawan-kawan . But then bila they all balik semua dah penat and nak tidur je I know . Huh, Boring . .

Sokay lah, I stop here je . And  one more thing, next week I have a date nak pegi tgk kura-kura lagiiii (jgn buat-buat lupa ok) and this time nak bawak roti ! Yahooo ! Kura-kura wait for me tau, and to monyet, tolong lah jangan kentut kat situ lagi ok .

Bye bye, Loves .

tadi I buat starbucks mcm my house haha !

Friday, December 4, 2009

When you're at the end of the road and you loss the sense of control

I feel like chicken dancing now haha . No, I am not happy but I am sleepy but I wanna write but I wanna sleep haha I want everything . I clicked on the 'new post' button for three times but I don't have any idea to write yet I guess . 

Nothing much I did today, selain jadi Pak Supirr aja ! Sent Anis to meet her friend, pick up Seri from Uitm, pick up Syida from her house and the went back home . That was my evening . At 8pm, sent Seri to discussion and then pick up Syida again and lepak at Pelita section 9 . She just got back from Australia and tomorrow she's going to Korea . That's why I insisted her to spend time with me today since I'm not gonna meet her again anymore until Segamat . Oh, she bought me a Roxy tote bag from Aussie, Thanks baby !  ;) 

Now dah habis story of the day and I'm all blank hahaha . What else to write ? Ok wait, I'm gonna ask my friends what to write and then I'll get back to you Mr Bloggy .

Back, but my friend also got no idea . Tak inspiring lah you ni Dewi ! haha :P Oh anyway, tomorrow, I mean today lah Don Hazim ajak I tolong dia with muffins at Putrajaya, and Miss Musjahida ajak pegi jalan jalan, then my cousin ckp petang dia book ticket movie for us . So, tak boleh turn down my cousins and my sister since I'm staying at his house with my Mummy Seri semua . Kena lah pegi tgk movie so canceled lah with the others . Sorry ok ! -.-

I'm chatting with Alin and Dewi dalam gelap ni . Everyone in this house dah tidur except me . I'm an owl for today, dah plan dah I wanna sleep lateeeeeeeeeee ! Hehe ok lah I'm gonna end my speech, eh silap haha . I'm gonna stop now . See ya if kejap lagi I got any idea of what to write I'll write again .

Bye bye, Loves .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

There's a part of me you'll never know , the only thing I'll never show .

Hello . I'm lying on the floor now and sgt sejuk . Today I nak cerita about what happened yesterday and also today . This blog kan sorta like my Dear Diary so I'm gonna write whatever yang is in my head je lah and whatever I did .

Yesterday Bud came to my house to pick me up. We sempat skype with Hunny dulu and then pukul 2 baru pick up Fariz and Ungku at Batu Tiga station and then Gha at University station and not forgetting Suhar at UIA . Bud droves Waja yesterday and kami semua cramp in like duduk inside tin. Bud was the transporter for us yesterday, and forever will be :D Thank you Bud ! We lepak at Rafi section 18 ngn Pieq sekali . After that Bud got futsal so we went to Sportsplanet tunggu punya tunggu kawan kawan Bud yang veryyyyy late. Sementara tu we played snooker or is it pool ? Haha I'm not so sure and lepas tu Bud dah nak start game so we took his car and balik rumah . After habiskan all the foooooooood Mummy Seri came to check on us . Fariz, Suhar and Ungku igt I dah kena marah teruk teruk sebab lama gila I borak with Mummy kat atas . After that keluar pick up Bud and Gha at Sportsplanet then balik . Oh on the way home I drove that Waja dalam kegelapan dan kehujanan malam sebab Bud said he sakit badan .

This is Hunny, Ayin and Bud giggling together

Today pulak we breakfast at Kyros Kebab because si gila Bud tu nak sgt mengidam sebab he's pregnant ! Dah breakfast tu balik lah semua juga and mcm biasalah Bud the transporter sent me home . Sampai je I kejut Anis and I drove to Bhei Boy's (Bhei is brother) at section 7 sebab dah janji with Mummy Seri nak overnight there . Tadi I went to a&w makan waffles nyumm nyumm (habis my diet) then pegi tgk kura kura kejap and now I tengah online .

My nose dah start sakit dah because sejuk kan I baring atas lantai ni . I thought of sleeping tapi tadi someone sent a message to my inbox and my brain pon starts working, thinking this and that so mcm mana I nak sleep ? Tadi tengah hari while I was in the car with friends something came up to my mind . I fikir, takpe lah I tak patut sedih sangat and patut happy sebab dulu kekasih I satu and since kekasih tu tak ada dah, I have banyak kekasih now . I rasa now I started to do things yang I'm not used to but sokay, I know how to control myself .

Dah la I think I blabbing apa tah ni . Tadi I text with 2 people now sorang dah sleep and sorang diam . So, I nak sleep sleep .

Bye bye, Loves .

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello world hope you're listening forgive me if I'm young for speaking out of turn

Hi ! I am sleepy  and should be sleeping now . Penat oh hari ni tak buat apa apa hehe . Woke up at 1230pm then terus online and clean up the mess inside my room ni, Phew . . Dah siap kemas I sambung online lagi haha after that I went down bukak tudung saji sebab perut lapar . But I tak makan pon, I naik balik and change my attire I went outside spent 30 minutes on threadmill . Yay ! I'm all salty after that :P After that relax relax sampai tertidur like 5 - 10 minutes and terjaga because someone called . Malas lah nak cerita about what happened today . Boleh kan ?

So, as you know I've decided to have a new blog . I left everything behind and now moving on step by step . I've created this blog lama dah . During last final exam, but nak siapkan the header tu susah gila ! That thing yang makes me lambat . I stopped blogging for 2 months I think and now I'm ready to blog again I suppose :) Anyway , ada beberapa org puji my header haha thanks ! Memang worth la my keringat semua lah semata mata nak siapkan the header and sesuai kan with the right templates . My blog is white, clean and simple and I like it that way .

What you give, you get back . I chose to put it on the picture because I like it . Since sekolah I used to tell my friends what you give you get back . Maksudnya di sini, jika anda berbuat baik kepada org lain, nescaya org lain akan berbuat baik kepada anda . I hate fights and I hate doing bad things to others sebab I know, kalau I buat jahat to people nanti org lain akan buat jahat to me . I love to be loved so if I buat jahat nanti people will hate me and I will be sad . I don't really enjoy talking bad things about others, and I tend to let people do what ever they want to me which is bad . I don't have a bad mouth but once upon a time I used to hear people talk bad about me perli perli ke apa and I sentiasa diam je tak reti melawan . Takpe, what you give you get back ! 

I'm talking with Alin on ym and skype now . She is showing me some pictures yang dia curi from her friend's myspace I suppose . Ada pictures of cute guys hahahahahaha ! Tomorrow I'm going out with my friends . I meant, today haha . In few hours je lagi but I'm still not sleeping . I dah pesan kat my friend if he calls and I tak angkat datang je rumah kejut hehe . Dah lah, my nose sakit ni . My sister switched on the air-cond and I tak tahan sejuk . Tomorrow I wanna do something funnnn ! 

Bye bye, Loves .

Alin and me skype-ing :)