Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I think you're doing fine,have a good one after a year!

Hey you!
Happy 1st year break up anniversary!
Oh, and Happy 9th month anniversary to you and her.
Hope you guys are doing fine. ^^

Haha I know it sounds stupid, but we should celebrate it.
It's been a year, never thought that I could make it this far, but I did!
I'm halfway in getting over everything.
I didn't cry for you often anymore.
Okay wait,
I seldom cry for you now,
No no wait,
The last time I cried was umm because
You just popped out of my mind out of the blue
And I saw you on FB and I quite miss you at that time and that was like what?
Once in a few months back.

Hey, you should be glad right?
I hope you're happy for me.
And I hope you're doing fine out there.

Because I think I am . . .
Oh and I think I have someone who cares and to be cared about

So take care dear you.
We'll see each other when the time comes
One day :)

So what’s the plan now?
Are we or won’t we?
So what’s the deal now?
Should we or shouldn’t we?
You’ve taking over my head again
I’m folding each memory in
Asking permission to keep it in your

When will you love again
Empty is what you are
Without the nice things you had before

So what was it to you
Were we or weren’t we?
Did it come back for you?
Now there you finally see
It’s already been gone too long
I shouldn’t have pick up the phone
I’m asking permission to pretend
That we’ve moved on

Is what you’ll find in here
Is you’ll see
I'm out of things to offer you
Concert lights and shiny eyes
Tiny fights and biggest lies

So what am I to you?
Was I or wasn't I?
So what you said was true?
Did you or didn't you?
You're taking over my head again
Unfolding each memory
And asking permission to
Keep in your head

1 comment:

F.a.R.a.H. said...

kak yinn..
dont cry lagi k
kak yin kan kuat
and i love you kakak