Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Didn't wanna face the truth, didn't wanna cross that line, until I saw you at the corner of my eye

Say hello to darlings :)

Hello, welcome to Segamat Johor as well, and assignments, and quizzes, and presentations, and tests, and stresses, and depressions, and also frustrations. LOL.
It's been 2 days here, oh no I wanna go home because my study mode is like no where to be found. Yay me! I can't answer my Finance Quiz this morning. That is sooo ridiculous because the question were easy but the fact that I didn't study AT ALL makes it hard as it can be.

Ahhaaa, our journey to the west this time were a bit challenging. The car we rode broke down somewhere near Nilai exit. Okay, not really broke down but there were smokes coming out from the back of the car (macam dalam filem tau) and we were panic. No, Ainaa was panic. Syida was sleeping while listening to her ipod happily at that time -_-".
Luckily there was a guy, a mechanic to be exact, who happened to pass by our car at the highway, stopped and offer some help. It took us about 2 hours to settle everything as we have to take the car to the workshop, wait for the keys and also the repairman to beautify the flaws of the car and to continue our journey back to Johor. It was fun though! But I never want it to happen again, please God.
 The Dolce&Gabbana
Fendi&Madonna enjoying cup corns
And another story,

Since SECRET RECIPE is now officially open in Segamat, finally. This little Madonna was really excited as she could be because according to her, "Of couse I'm excited, SECRET RECIPE in SEGAMAT weh!". Pity this little girl who fell off and got bruises near her ankle. This one is for you darling,
I guess that is all for today, my partner in crime didn't wanna wake up to finish our homework, so I guess I just have to finish it on my own. Booorrinnnggg.

Later, Loves.


Anonymous said...

habis duit kita makan secret ! wee.

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