Friday, December 4, 2009

When you're at the end of the road and you loss the sense of control

I feel like chicken dancing now haha . No, I am not happy but I am sleepy but I wanna write but I wanna sleep haha I want everything . I clicked on the 'new post' button for three times but I don't have any idea to write yet I guess . 

Nothing much I did today, selain jadi Pak Supirr aja ! Sent Anis to meet her friend, pick up Seri from Uitm, pick up Syida from her house and the went back home . That was my evening . At 8pm, sent Seri to discussion and then pick up Syida again and lepak at Pelita section 9 . She just got back from Australia and tomorrow she's going to Korea . That's why I insisted her to spend time with me today since I'm not gonna meet her again anymore until Segamat . Oh, she bought me a Roxy tote bag from Aussie, Thanks baby !  ;) 

Now dah habis story of the day and I'm all blank hahaha . What else to write ? Ok wait, I'm gonna ask my friends what to write and then I'll get back to you Mr Bloggy .

Back, but my friend also got no idea . Tak inspiring lah you ni Dewi ! haha :P Oh anyway, tomorrow, I mean today lah Don Hazim ajak I tolong dia with muffins at Putrajaya, and Miss Musjahida ajak pegi jalan jalan, then my cousin ckp petang dia book ticket movie for us . So, tak boleh turn down my cousins and my sister since I'm staying at his house with my Mummy Seri semua . Kena lah pegi tgk movie so canceled lah with the others . Sorry ok ! -.-

I'm chatting with Alin and Dewi dalam gelap ni . Everyone in this house dah tidur except me . I'm an owl for today, dah plan dah I wanna sleep lateeeeeeeeeee ! Hehe ok lah I'm gonna end my speech, eh silap haha . I'm gonna stop now . See ya if kejap lagi I got any idea of what to write I'll write again .

Bye bye, Loves .

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