Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maybe two is better than one ?

Heyya ! Oh whats with my title today ? Almost everybody knows the song 'Two is better than one' kan ? Okay what I meant here is NOT having a partner is better than being alone but, having TWO girlfriends/boyfriends is better than having only one of em haha ! ^.^ 

So, yesterday I slept around 4 in the morning and woke up around 12 noon . Nothing much I did during the day except online and went to JJ Bukit Raja with Bhei Boy and Kak Fiza to buy the movie tickets . Around 8 pm or something I tak perasan sgt the time, I drove to JJ Bukit Raja to watch the movie lah . 940 pm New Moon, yeah like whatever je . All of the sudden I teringat I watch Twilight masa we (me,Ridhwan,Alia,Aidil) went out for our so-called double date on 29th November last year . Fuyoo, I remember the date ! (I mmg senang igt date anyway) Bittersweet memories eh ? Hehs . I taknak review pape pon about the movie because I malas and I know semua org dah watch it kannn ?

After movie around 12 something ada la incident yang berlaku, my sister ngn my cousin lah macam-macam sgt . I pon malas nak layan so I called Bud and I jalan cari kereta but boleh pulak lupa letak kat mana haha . Bud ckp papa mama dia flight delay (parents dia pon pegi haji too) and maybe sampai around 7 am . I said I nak ikot to pick them up (mengada) so if Bud rajin dia dtg lah pick me up them pegi airport hehehe .

Actually before pegi movie tadi I was kinda depressed because Mummy Seri kata esok kena pergi cheras and I don't want to . Memang lah for a day je on Sunday balik Shah Alam balik but I don't know, I just don't feel like it but I diam je . Then I texted Abang, luckily dia ckp tak boleh because he needs the car (happy) . Mak Nee also called and asked nak tak if dia dtg and masak so I said nakkkkkkkk ! (double happy) I told Mummy Seri about Abang and Mak Nee and the best part was Mummy Seri said ok ! :) So yeah, balik and I'm Happy ! Awak, sibuk sgt suruh saya duduk sini sampai Rabu kan ? Saya dpt balik harini tauuu ! ! 

Ok now I dah have no idea dah what to write and tonight sangat bosan tau because Knights 0307 semua pegi main futsal and I'm stucked at home and takde orang onlineeeeeeee ! ;( Balik lah cepat kawan-kawan . But then bila they all balik semua dah penat and nak tidur je I know . Huh, Boring . .

Sokay lah, I stop here je . And  one more thing, next week I have a date nak pegi tgk kura-kura lagiiii (jgn buat-buat lupa ok) and this time nak bawak roti ! Yahooo ! Kura-kura wait for me tau, and to monyet, tolong lah jangan kentut kat situ lagi ok .

Bye bye, Loves .

tadi I buat starbucks mcm my house haha !

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