Thursday, December 3, 2009

There's a part of me you'll never know , the only thing I'll never show .

Hello . I'm lying on the floor now and sgt sejuk . Today I nak cerita about what happened yesterday and also today . This blog kan sorta like my Dear Diary so I'm gonna write whatever yang is in my head je lah and whatever I did .

Yesterday Bud came to my house to pick me up. We sempat skype with Hunny dulu and then pukul 2 baru pick up Fariz and Ungku at Batu Tiga station and then Gha at University station and not forgetting Suhar at UIA . Bud droves Waja yesterday and kami semua cramp in like duduk inside tin. Bud was the transporter for us yesterday, and forever will be :D Thank you Bud ! We lepak at Rafi section 18 ngn Pieq sekali . After that Bud got futsal so we went to Sportsplanet tunggu punya tunggu kawan kawan Bud yang veryyyyy late. Sementara tu we played snooker or is it pool ? Haha I'm not so sure and lepas tu Bud dah nak start game so we took his car and balik rumah . After habiskan all the foooooooood Mummy Seri came to check on us . Fariz, Suhar and Ungku igt I dah kena marah teruk teruk sebab lama gila I borak with Mummy kat atas . After that keluar pick up Bud and Gha at Sportsplanet then balik . Oh on the way home I drove that Waja dalam kegelapan dan kehujanan malam sebab Bud said he sakit badan .

This is Hunny, Ayin and Bud giggling together

Today pulak we breakfast at Kyros Kebab because si gila Bud tu nak sgt mengidam sebab he's pregnant ! Dah breakfast tu balik lah semua juga and mcm biasalah Bud the transporter sent me home . Sampai je I kejut Anis and I drove to Bhei Boy's (Bhei is brother) at section 7 sebab dah janji with Mummy Seri nak overnight there . Tadi I went to a&w makan waffles nyumm nyumm (habis my diet) then pegi tgk kura kura kejap and now I tengah online .

My nose dah start sakit dah because sejuk kan I baring atas lantai ni . I thought of sleeping tapi tadi someone sent a message to my inbox and my brain pon starts working, thinking this and that so mcm mana I nak sleep ? Tadi tengah hari while I was in the car with friends something came up to my mind . I fikir, takpe lah I tak patut sedih sangat and patut happy sebab dulu kekasih I satu and since kekasih tu tak ada dah, I have banyak kekasih now . I rasa now I started to do things yang I'm not used to but sokay, I know how to control myself .

Dah la I think I blabbing apa tah ni . Tadi I text with 2 people now sorang dah sleep and sorang diam . So, I nak sleep sleep .

Bye bye, Loves .


:: debby :: said...

byk2 kekasih best kn.. ;)
i like :D

::ayn:: said...

hehe mestilah :D