Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello world hope you're listening forgive me if I'm young for speaking out of turn

Hi ! I am sleepy  and should be sleeping now . Penat oh hari ni tak buat apa apa hehe . Woke up at 1230pm then terus online and clean up the mess inside my room ni, Phew . . Dah siap kemas I sambung online lagi haha after that I went down bukak tudung saji sebab perut lapar . But I tak makan pon, I naik balik and change my attire I went outside spent 30 minutes on threadmill . Yay ! I'm all salty after that :P After that relax relax sampai tertidur like 5 - 10 minutes and terjaga because someone called . Malas lah nak cerita about what happened today . Boleh kan ?

So, as you know I've decided to have a new blog . I left everything behind and now moving on step by step . I've created this blog lama dah . During last final exam, but nak siapkan the header tu susah gila ! That thing yang makes me lambat . I stopped blogging for 2 months I think and now I'm ready to blog again I suppose :) Anyway , ada beberapa org puji my header haha thanks ! Memang worth la my keringat semua lah semata mata nak siapkan the header and sesuai kan with the right templates . My blog is white, clean and simple and I like it that way .

What you give, you get back . I chose to put it on the picture because I like it . Since sekolah I used to tell my friends what you give you get back . Maksudnya di sini, jika anda berbuat baik kepada org lain, nescaya org lain akan berbuat baik kepada anda . I hate fights and I hate doing bad things to others sebab I know, kalau I buat jahat to people nanti org lain akan buat jahat to me . I love to be loved so if I buat jahat nanti people will hate me and I will be sad . I don't really enjoy talking bad things about others, and I tend to let people do what ever they want to me which is bad . I don't have a bad mouth but once upon a time I used to hear people talk bad about me perli perli ke apa and I sentiasa diam je tak reti melawan . Takpe, what you give you get back ! 

I'm talking with Alin on ym and skype now . She is showing me some pictures yang dia curi from her friend's myspace I suppose . Ada pictures of cute guys hahahahahaha ! Tomorrow I'm going out with my friends . I meant, today haha . In few hours je lagi but I'm still not sleeping . I dah pesan kat my friend if he calls and I tak angkat datang je rumah kejut hehe . Dah lah, my nose sakit ni . My sister switched on the air-cond and I tak tahan sejuk . Tomorrow I wanna do something funnnn ! 

Bye bye, Loves .

Alin and me skype-ing :)

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+shawllie shawllie+ said...

hehe..ak da folow da..eit..ak ad 2 blog..stu yg shawl satu personal..follow dua2 tau! yg personal tuh bru jeh wat..hehe