Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some people fight some people fall, others pretend they don't care at all

Yellow :) Okay I'm sleepy tapi I have to post something jugak if not I can't sleep . So today what happened ? Don Hazim buat tahi pagi pagi hari, I call and text dia tak pick up so I sent Seri to uitm then I text dia lagi I said tak jd pegi ke? Then only dia reply and he just woke up ! Hehs , nak tak nak I lah pegi his house . And then tunggu kat dalam kereta almost 30 mins sampai I tertidur my head kat luar the window haha . Sedar bila Don dtg ketuk kereta and gelak gelak . Masa dia drive dia jahat gilaaaaaaa, I tengah tunduk and then dia saje je brake so that my head will hit the dashboard . Bongok ! Sakit lah gila, dah lah pagi tu I termakan kereta, nasib my teeth tak patah .

That's all yang I nak cerita today yang lain semua mcm biasa je . Oh heh, this one is about my sheep named Shaun, yesterday dia text I ;

I terbukak ur old blog td, then u direct pg nu one. Awh im so happy fr u, terharu haha u go baby !

Thank you Shaunieeeee, we're moving on kan kan kan ? And memang lah I just suka because you teman I menyingle haha ! Padan muka you . . Oh anyway, I like The Walk yang you asked me to listen tu jugak . Very inspiring^^ Thankieeeeee ;)

Bye bye, Loves .

Everyone waits on a walk
Some are long and some small
But all of them tall
And everyone must make a choice
Will I go for it all, and possibly fall
The tightrope is thin
I could possibly win on the walk

Well high on the walk
The tightrope it bends
And nobody knows where it ends
To win or to lose you're all on your own
'Cause everyone must be alone

On the tightrope everything's bare
All that there is from here to there
On the tightrope the goal is quite clear
Don't lose yourself in your fear

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