Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You can talk all you want but my skin is really thick

Haha, you know who
Still sleeping
I just moved out to a new place in Johor
Most of the time
Giant, as I met Miss Musjahida wooohooo
Purple and white
Nehi hey
Eager to watch ! Go Brazil !
Yes, and a cow too
Edward Scissorhands
The Karate Kid
Nice :)
Epson ? Oh I can't recall
Basically one but sometimes two
Teacher Azura
Yes yes
I don't think so
Hmm, yes
Yes and yes
3 for older and only 1 for younger
My fav for the time being, Giordano
A bit of both I think
I have Shaun's ipod with me, eh no it's with syida now and I left my mp3 in the lab so it got stolen
Kak Jah
Go to SSP with si gila to visit anis, watch movie at Amalanda, haha okay Alamanda
Last year
Only if I am the driver or I'm in the front seat


Alia Liverpool said...

hahaha.dun even remember that our kindergarten teacher's name is teacher azura.hahaha.

sEraiWaniEy.. said...

ak rase muke ko mmg gabongn mak ngn ayh ko...well,mak ngn ayh ko pon muke lbey kurg..heeee

::ayn:: said...

hahahaha :)