Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Live life without regrets.

You only live once but if you live it right, once is good enough.

I thought of you today when I looked up at the sunset in the sky
Cause when I was still at home that use to be something
we loved to see together

I felt you near today when I watched our favorite movie all by myself
And then I smiled today when I saw my favorite picture of us

I know I'm so far away from you
But I know I don't have to search high and low to see you again

It's so easy missing you cause you're going through my head a million times a day
But I'm okay when you say you're doing the exact same thing

No matter where I go, no matter where I'll be, you'll be here always
Cause it's our memories that tag along with me and that's all I need
That's all I need..

 Rindu kamu kanak kanak yang sedang hangat bercinta ! :D


FiqFarah said...

kak yinn
saya dh mcm nak nangis ok..
rindu sgt3..
kak yinn
take care taw..
luv u.

::ayn:: said...

Love u too budak ! :)