Sunday, May 2, 2010

Take me, this is all that I've got, this is all that I'm not, all that I'll ever be

Hello darlings. It has been 2 days since my previous paper. Been relaxing and haven't touch the book yet to study for the upcoming paper. It's okay right? I just need some time to relax after being stressed out. :)

I feel bored so I decided to play with the webcam and I'm gonna show off the pictures that I took. Kalau nak tengok sila lah, if not jemput lah tekan button X berwarna merah on top right tu okay ? Haha.

Hi, this is me :D
This is what I'm wearing, Lol. I bought this tee simply because what's written on it. You go girl, and don't come back !
This is from Miss Didee for my 20th birthday. Haven't got a name for em yet. Any idea?
Meet Mr Moo Moo. My girlfriends gave me this as a birthday present in 2009. Push him and he'll mooooo you~
 Baby, he's 3 years old ++ now. I'm so glad but he's like Benjamin Button. He's growing backwards, getting smaller and smaller. Birthday present in 2007.
From Anis my sister, 16th birthday's present. Used to be my phone and money keeper back in school. Sampai dah koyak koyak.
My lovely bantal busuk. She's my pillow to cry on, can't sleep without her. We had once been apart for 3 months and rasa mcm nak gila. Lepas tu tak pernah berpisah lagi. :')
2 cats of mine. They had been protecting my feet every night for yearsss. Thanks you babies!
My stripey blanket, keeps me warm.
The name is bantal sejuk. Given by Farah Izyan because bantal tu sejuk eventhough the weather is hot. Best kan ?
Ini bantal kepala saya. Lavender Therapeutic Pillow. Kiranya my therapist lah ni!
Okay these are almost everything that I sleep with everyday. Can't sleep without each one of em. :)

And ohhh, my Beebee fell out of the car last Thursday because I was very busy laughing and I didn't realize that he's on the road! He got some scratches now. ;/
Sobs sobs -_-"
Haha, that's all. I'm out now!

Goodbye Lovelies. 
Love is in the air~


Alia Liverpool said... stress gle je blaja.

btw, if my blog update tak kuar kat ur dashboard, try copy my blog url and taruk kat ur dashboard.

the follow button kat my blog page will only update the google reader, not da blogger dashboard.maybetry dulu.

Dewi Kencana Putri said...

comel XD