Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just need your hug in which could make me calm

Level of stress is now full in the tank.

Sorry saya tak dengar arahan untuk pergi tidur.

I just can't help it.

I know right, I should just listen to you and go to sleep.

But, what if the thing won't get fixed?


Lagi satu benda pelik.

Dalam aku stress stress ni boleh terdengar lagu JB.

I'm not into him, AT ALL.

I think I like it, Baby.

Because the song somehow is making me a bit calm now.

Baby, baby, baby, thought you'd always be mine.

VIVA, belum start apa lagi, Thursday nak kena submit dah.

OMG Syida jangan baca please. *finger crossed*

Now, I still don't feel like sleeping.

Dah dengar the birds chirping now.

Pakcik gila tau mesti kena maki hamun.

Tadi dah kena dah, apa bodohnya lah.

Bb, why now ?

Why today ?

Efff !

 Depressed enough ?

Morning, Loves.


emiraassila said...

i miss ur hugs :)

::ayn:: said...

Awwwwhh :')
Miss youu.