Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear

Selamat di ucapkan kepada kegelapan malam .

For some reason, I am happy tonight . Thank you to whoever that makes me feel this way . The whether is chilly, sejuk sejuk like that and I'm lying on the floor . Satu dua tiga empat lima enam tujuh lapan sembilan SEPULUH hari in Segamat, never a day I slept in tears, or feeling sad or gloomy lagi . Since I still stay kat my  old room, banyak lah memories here, because I've been through a lot kan before but then eventhough my whole day is bad ke apa ke I would definitely smile before I sleep . Somehow, I am recovering day by day I guess, and I'm happy for myself .(clap clap clap!)

Princess and the Frog, I like I like :) I 'm crazy over the firefly guy in that movie . Like gila gila punya gila ! "My name is Raymond,  but you can call me Ray" . Hehe, that Ray tak handsome pon, gigi patah patah semua, bontot menyala berkelip kelip and tonggek lagi but, I likeeeeeeeeeee him ! Ehh, I forgot to tell everyone that I am Evangeline, The Star *shiny shiny star* and that's why I like Ray . He's my soulmate because when he dies, we shine together like diamonds in the sky^^ Comel kan ? Ohhh, Rayyyyy ~~~~~

 Ohmaigod, I'm melting over him (haha spooky tak?)

Okaylah, so today I wish upon Evangeline (which is myself) to find someone like Ray . Orrrrr, have I found it ? Haha you will never know cause I'm not gonna tell you !

Night, Loves .
(Anyway, the title got connection with Ray too^^ )


Anonymous said...

oh!!patotlah ko memekik name raymond kat fb...haha

::ayn:: said...

hehehehe, tau takpe :D