Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cinderella hope and it's all because you made me laugh

Happy New Year, geez lambat gila right ?

Been  not updating for 2 weeks more or less because I was too busy shopping and preparing stuff for Segamat and yes, right now I'm in Segamat and I am half broke because I've used up 2.5/4 of my money  and the remaining balance will also be used and finish in no time . Haha, no no what should I dooooooooo ?

Oh what should I say about New Year heh ? My new year's eve was spent with Encik Bud and I should say it was fun lah . We accidentally wore the same colour of clothes Red + White and everyone was staring at us haha . (Ala kan kalau kita tgk couple couple keluar pakai baju w the same colour rasa annoying kan ? That's why people pandang us that day ) We naik train tau so rasa mcm Wooaaaaaaaahahaha je because selalu kan naik kereta, Lol . So, janji dikotakan, we shoped and weeehooo .

teruja naik train ^^

Midnight, me and my family pegi tgk fireworks kat the favourite spot of BJ's residents semua but this year pokok pokok dah grew taller so kacau our sight and tak nampak sangat ! So we went for the tarik tahun baru and then balik , my PC rosak, HP rosak and my mummy merajuk . So that was my New Year and hahahaha . :/

see, the pokoks blocks the view ;/

Saturday the 2nd we sent Akmal to Stadium Shah Alam, PLKN Kem Nilam Ehsan, Bidor Perak . So if anyone nak melawat him, go lah . Then off to Segamat . . . We (My parents, me and Anis ) spent a night Hotel Villa Segamat, pegi makan ikar bakar and jumpa Santa hohoho .

That was the end of my holiday, and now I have to put my feet back on the ground . Dah takl boeh berangan berangan dah ni nak fairytale or whatever tale is a no no .  With the subjects that I'm taking this semester, and all the ragam manusia, of the class, lecturers, of the college and the students and all I can say  is,this first week  bejaya lah make me stress  sedikit .

 giggly wiggly

Whatever it is, I still have a long wayyyy to go this semester, here .
Loves, from Segamat .

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