Friday, May 20, 2011

The world can't change my dreams, but my dreams can always change the world.

He used to be my classmate for 5 years, we had the-almost-same handwriting, we almost studied in the same field which is architecture but I changed my mind just before I submitted my form online, we both had our awful-break-up and shared the pain with each other, both of us had just finished with our last semester of diploma, and now both of us are being very ambitious in dreaming of pursuing our studies in UK. 

Thank you God, for the 8 years of friendship. Alhamdulillah. :')
It's your birthday today! Or should I say yesterday? Okay I know this post is like waaaaaay too late but sorry dude, I'd planned to write this a little bit earlier but something came up so I had to postpone it. Sorry again! So, you're 21 huh? You're old, hey old fag! Ahaha no I'm just joking. You're my coolest best friend ever. Even though we don't see each other often, we'd always be there for one another when we need each other right? Enjoy being an old man! Can't wait for the roadtrip, I hope it will come true. Tralalalalala. 

"The latest picture(2011) of us."
I know I know, I forgot to mention, we share the same hairstyle too. Okay, it's not a style, it's our original hair, CURLY CURLY PERM!

"An old picture(2008) of us with our cute faces."

On top of all, I wish for your success in whatever you do, wherever you go and who ever you're with. I hope that we'll be friends forever and ever and ever and please find a decent girl to be your wife so that she'll suit your crazyness and with that, I can be friends with her and we can still be best friends even though we're married. Have a wonderful day, just as wonderful as you are to me. 


P/S: Tolonglah appreciate aku edit the first picture pakai paint tau tak! Photoshop tak boleh pakai pulak time time ni, sampai nak terkencing-kencing crop gambar kau tu! Nasib baik comel, senang hati tengok sambil edit hahaha. 


:.syUe.: said...

haha,,ni kalo cami tgok x terharuu mmg xtao nak kata ape.. :)

::ayn:: said...

Hahahaha, dida dah tgk, dia kata terharu pastu menangis dalam hati :P