Friday, April 29, 2011

My love's too big for you, my love.

Instead of studying or sleeping, I chose to write something here.

Hi everyone, I'm in the midst of wrapping up my Diploma life. I have 2 subjects to go and one is tomorrow, umm I meant this evening, the other one will  be on Saturday morning. I know that it is too good to be true but seriously, the level of focus on my final exam that I have by now is only like 30% ? I spend most of the time lying on the floor or my bed and remembering all the memories that I had here, leaving me in full speed of sadness and in no mood of studying. To make it worse, I feel like a bummer.

I really need a spirit booster. Okay just ignore me, everyone had tried their best to comfort me, boost up my spirit but it is just me, and I feel empty inside as goodbyes is my pure weakness. Apart from that, I know that I should not get too carried away with those thoughts, but I just can't. Or maybe I can, but I didn't try. Maybe I'm just too scared of not having them beside me all the time anymore.

Despite everything, I would like to thank everyone who had lighten up my life, you guys had painted the white canvas of my life with very beautiful colours. Loves. 

I know I've said this for quite a few times but I'm gonna say it again; I never thought that I would love you guys this much, each one of you, and that makes it even harder for me to see all of us drift apart.


Farah, Syida, Ainaa, Dalila, Baby Farahin
"Budak Rumah" / Sengkang Boys (Agus, Azhari, Faizul, Muiz, Syafiq, Musa)
Part 1 SMK Wing 2A (Nurul, Nadia, Shikin, Zati, Ayu)
Sajrah, Nissa, Intan, Ain
PPG (Mira, Nazira, Edurra, Nadiah) and Ilham
Azie, Mel, Jiha
All of Investment Analyst
Tutee & Fara
Part 4 (Wawa, Za, Syafi, Syida, Faras, Farad, Kiki, Mujel, Adam, Afifi, Naguib)
Miss Didee, Miss Intan, Miss Maizura and all lecturers 
ELS Dear :'(
Housemates & Neighbours
Every particular person in Uitm Johor

Landlord (Uncle and Aunty)
Abang Pot Black (for the free songs during karaoke)
Abang Anjung Paling Hensem (for serving us and for those funny jokes during dinner)
Uncle and abang Cendol (for the best cendol ever)
Uncle Ted (for chopping off my hair)
Tumini Atan and Basikal (for the cheapest lunch for us everyday!)
Cik Da, Cik Faizal and Saufianim
McD, Secret Recipe, US, Pizza Hut, KFC, Mawa D Village, Old Taste, Kopitiam
Hotel Villa
Giant, Upwell, Nirwana, 7E
Uncles and Aunties of all the convenience shop
Shell & Petronas

and the smell of Segamat, Johor.

I'm gonna miss all of you and all these like hella good.

P/S: Special thanks to Azhari for lending me his favourite pillow, for me to cry on, I'll return it back to you tomorrow. :')

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noor amirah bt ahmad said...

i have no word... but only this.. (T_T) i will miss u hardly...