Sunday, June 6, 2010

Youth 10 - The Largest Youth Festival

How yeah! 

Talking about youth nowadays, I wanna share my experience of being the volunteer for Youth 10. It was the most valuable exciting awesome memorable moment that I had in my life. Best best best ! I am so proud of myself, there's no single regret of joining it even though it was very tiring. Okay, I still haven't got my rest since it ends as I continue working as usual after that. No wonder I feel very tired these days. Working for 14 days straight without even a day break is very exhausting right? Don't get shock if the next place you'll be heading to is the Hospital to give me a visit. Lol. 

Thursday, 27th May 2010

Work ended at 5pm and I rushed to the nearest KTM station after some wash ups. I wouldn't wanna get into the train with the muffins smell. I was heading to PWTC for our first meeting and briefing at 8pm that night. I was texting with a chinese guy all the way. Knew him from the volunteer's group. He's from Subang and we were talking about meeting and going back home together after the briefing as he drove to PWTC and heading back to the same place as me.

I also text Paca as he said hes kinda malas to join towards the end. After figured out that we got into the same team, I told him that if his not coming for the briefing, I'll let him know if there's anything important.

To kill the time before the briefing starts, I wander around The Mall and score a red casing for my bb and I went for dinner. As I was waiting for Ivan to reach PWTC, Paca called me up said hes there but he just wanna get the tees and won't come on the next day. Bongok!

I was in welcoming team, same as Paca and briefing was all about having a tour around the event place, diving us into smaller groups and assigning task on what to do and how to work. After that, home. 

Friday, 28th May 2010

Woke up to the sound of Ivan's call. He was very early man, and the picked me up at the hotel and off we go, by train together with Fyna and Amzar.

After changing attire and some briefing, the door was finally open at 10am.
"Welcome to Youth 10" 
Had been saying that through out the event for countless time! Lol.

Friends who came:

Khalid Ali
Hilmi Samad
Nuraini Tuti
Aween Zulkifli
Zul Haiqal
Sofia Syazana

Hot FM's kita punya concert that night was okay. I got home around 12am that night. 

Saturday, 29th May 2010

Reach PWTC a bit late, wasn't suppose to work that morning but was there to help them while waiting for friends to come.

Bought a pair of shoes for a friend.
(Oh bunyi dia sungguh gedik, fineee.)

Bought a pair of shoes for Bud as he merengek nak sangat.

That night's concert was One FM's so I didn't join as it was from most of the chinese singer. I get home a bit early and Bud & Suhar come over to try and pick the shoes. That time Bud lagi gedik! Oh just so you know, he was very excited as he got the shoes he even wore it to sleep that night! Silly guy lah weeh!

I also bought Gha her birthday present there :DD

Friends who came:

Fariz Salleh
Ungkurak King
Farah Najihah
Suharshafika Tuban
Syafiq Raub
Amirul Al Hafiz
Azie Syazwani
Nurzaidah Amanina
Fatin Nabilah
Haimi Eryn
Hilmi Samad 

Sunday, 3oth May 2010

Last and most tiring day for Youth 10. Reach there late again which is at 10am. There's not much work to do since it was the last day and most of the visitors had claimed their passes on the day before.

Spent most of the time taking pictures with others, had lunch with Johan, went up tp enjoy the event with Imran and Amzar and as I get down, I was approached to help them to escort Yuna. Waited for Yuna to arrive and the escorted her to the Music Festival, after that back to the Libresse booth, controlled the crowd for her autograph session, and escorted her back down.

Relaxed for an hour or so in the room behind the registration counter, went up again for the Fly FM's Campur Chart Goes Live concert as insisted by Audra, our volunteers leader.

I was extremely tired but gone crazy during the concert! Most of the volunteers did.

After the wrap up, off to home we go. Bud picked me up as he had promise because it was the condition in order to get him the shoes before. Lol.

Friends who came:

Khalid Ali
Juliana Natasha
Emma Soraya
Izzu Aziem
Sakinah Hafidz
Yai Afzal

Click here for Youth 10 Photo Album :)

 The guy with white shirt is Joel the CEO, Audra is in the middle of 2 guys wearing red.

I am so happy because I have new friends now.
I mean, loads of new friends!
Love yaaaaaa!


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