Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi everyone, I'm done with my 3rd semester for degree, 3 more to go Insyaallah. So, here I am back on my la la land. I have so much to tell, but I guess I have a highly insecure feeling towards expressing my feelings on the internet anymore. Well as I said, I have so much to tell, so much as in so very much much much much but I just can't tell it here, or anywhere.

Damn, I hate the feeling. Why do we have to have people who are following us everywhere here and there? Thinking of it, I guess I have the answer for the insecurity. It's not those people that made me feel insecure, it's that one person I think, hahaha. Okay, let me just keep it to myself then. Anyway, I'm happy that it's semester break now but still it bores me when I have nothing to do. But fret not because next week will be the starting point of my busiest schedule, I guess. Oh, can I say this, I miss studying and stressing out for finals. Hehe.

So far, everything is good. Having friends here and there, old friends, long lost friends, friends, new friend. I think I lose my writing sparks, or maybe I never even had one. I'm writing crap now, lol. I'm not sure what kind of emotion that I'm expressing now. Hahahahaha, I'm confused with myself. I miss blogging, seriously. Okay I'll try again to write good things some other time, aite?
Good night, lovelies.

Dear you, there is still much to be done. Let's not lose sight. Sincerely, me.

Photos credit to hiimmira.tumblr :)
P/S: Hi mira, sebab awak lah kayin rasa nak post something tibatiba hehe.


noor amirah bt ahmad said...

=] its ur bf heeee??? :P

::ayn:: said...

Haha mana ada lah mira taaaaaaak!