Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle

When my blog is neglected, it’s a pretty good sign that I’m happy and busy." - @

Hello everyone! I was and still busy, because it's my final semester. There is so much to do and sooooo freakin little time! I'm in Johor Bahru now. Gonna spend the whoooooooole CNY holiday here! :) And I'm going to Singapore soon. But then again, it's raining non stop here in Johor, and somewhere else in the country I suppose? I've been sleeping the whole evening, just hoping for the rain to stop, but it didn't. Segamat is by flooded now, sobs sobs. I really wanna see how my house looks like now and I am so worried! Plus, I don't want the holiday to be extended, no no.

Since I'm not going back to Shah Alam, I'm gonna miss my friends the most, and Sunway Pyramid. Oh maaaaan. :/ I'm gonna miss Encik Bud the most, and Mak Suhar, it has been a while since the last time I met them. And oh, Fariz tooo, and Syahmi Cami Gila! Plus, everyone. I meant EVERYONE back in KL! You know who you are.

It's okay, I really need to sacrifice a bit, since I have to finish my Final Project progression right? I just need to be a little more patient, and once everything is done, sooner or later I'll definitely get to see them right? :) Plus, it's not that bad to be here in JB. Musa, Ubaidah, and Faizul are here. Fara Wahida, Nabilla Iskandar, Imran Marzuk, and later on Fariz will come back here! Yeayyyyyyyyyyyy! 

I really have to start working on my Viva (Final project) by now. Been procrastinating the whole day, and now I am here blogging, and not searching for the data that I need. I hope it will rain less tomorrow so that I will be more excited to finish my work. Okay, what is the connection? When it rains, I feel cold. When I am cold, I will be under the blanket all the time. If it's not raining, I can finish my work without any distraction of coldness of anything. Haha, stupid excuse but yeah whatever!

Hmmmm, I'm gonna miss my years in UiTM so much. Agus has been texting me on how sad he is about the society and friends. I feel him, the most. I cried during my last AGM. I cried almost everyday thinking on what would life in University be without them soon. Everything is coming to the end now, but we need to be strong friends! Be strong, Stay Focus! :))

My classmates :')

Now is time to sleep, now is to dream of Shah Alam, now is to dream Encik Bud, Mak Suhar and everyone. Tomorrow is to wake up early, tomorrow is to meet Musa and Faizul, tomorrow is to finish Industry Analysis.

Night, Loves. ^^,

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