Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So hard to be, so far away.


I feel like I'm losing sparks in writing. I've been trying to post something for few days but I will always end up turning off the pc and do something else. I don't know. Maybe the pressure of the exams made me this way. I'm alone in my room. Should have been sleeping by now, but I'm still trying my best to write something. A short update will do. I hate the thoughts that keeps lingering in my head nowadays. The person to be exact. Hope it will fade away as soon as possible because it's making me sick. I'm having Malaysian Economy paper on Thursday and I am totally upset with my current performance for the paper. I'm hoping for at least a B for the paper, but I doubt that I could have it that way. I just can't penetrate into the wall of the subject. I was told that the paper is an easy paper and it's easy for us to score. Knowing my lecturer, I haven't got a chance to even believe what they told. Blame me, I don't know what else to do. I'm a person who focus in class and did not study after class unless for examination purpose. What am I suppose to do? I need to rest my mind. 
 I'm half glad half unhappy.

We'll meet again, Loves.

I think I am moving one step forward as to 26 & 27.
Nothing happened, just the stupid thoughts.

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